Hundreds Trapped* Overnight on Subway* Due to Snow

Hundreds of subway passengers going from Kennedy airport into New York City, many of whom had already had bad trips due to weather delayed* flights, were trapped overnight when two trains broke down.  It happened shortly after they left the airport, where the rails* are still above ground.
The subway cars are unheated* and there were no toilets.  Snow drifts* and ice on the third rail were blamed for* the stalled* trains.
People who had been aboard one of the stuck trains said the conductor and motorman were helpful, but also didn‘t know what was happening.
“We will of course take a look at that situation after the storm,” MTA Chairman Jay Walder said.  “I know it wasn‘t comfortable.”
“I just huddled* with my girlfriend,” said passenger Christopher Mullen, who was returning from a vacation in Cancun. “We just tried to stay close. I was not dressed appropriately* for the weather at all.”

The Worst Hotel in New York

trapped – uvězněn
subway – metro
delayed – opožděný
rail – kolej
unheated – nevytápěný
drift – závěj
be blamed for – být dáván za vinu
stalled – zablokovaný
huddle – tulit se
appropriately – vhodně
Question for discussion:
Have you ever been trapped on a train?


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