Has Amelia Earhart Been Found At Last?

Amelia Earhart became famous as a pilot in the 1930s, when airplanes were still new and exciting.  She was the first woman to fly across the United States, for example.
She and her navigator, Fred Noonan, disappeared* in 1937 while flying across the Pacific. It was part of an around the world flight.
Since then, there have been many rumors* and theories about what really happened.*  Some thought she had been captured* by the Japanese, some thought she and Noonan had survived* on a desert* island, some even thought she had returned to civilization and was living under an assumed* name.  Like Elvis Presley, her fans did not want to believe she was dead.
Now, the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery* believe they have found evidence* (3 small bones they think are human, a tortoise shell* which may have been used to collect drinking water, some make up and some glass bottles) on Nikumaroro Island, almost 3,000 kilometers southwest of Hawaii.
“There’s no guarantee,” Ric Gillespie, director of the team which found the bones, said.  “You only need to say you have a bone that may be human and may be linked to Earhart and people get excited.  But it is true that, if they can get DNA and if they can match* it to Amelia Earhart’s DNA, that’s pretty good.”

She Would Be 103, if Still Alive

disappear – zmizet
rumor – zvěst
happen – stát se
be captured – být zajat
survive – přežít
desert – opuštěný
assumed – falešný
recovery – znovunalezení
evidence – důkazy
tortoise shell – želví krunýř
match to – spárovat s
Question for discussion:
Would you like to fly around the world?

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