Elton John and His Husband Have a Baby!

Sir Elton John, 63, and his husband David Furnish, 48, are now the proud fathers of a baby boy. “For many years we have talked about fulfilling* one of our greatest wishes by becoming parents, and now this wish has been granted* to us, we feel so blessed* and lucky,“ John said.
Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born on Christmas day, in Los Angeles, to a surrogate mother.  John and Furnish have refused* to reveal* the name of the mother in order to protect her privacy.  They also have refused to say which, if either of them, was the sperm donor.*
John and Furnish were married in December of 2005, on the first day that gay marriage (officially known as a Civil Union) became legal in England.
They tried to adopt an HIV positive Ukrainian baby, named Lev, in 2009, but Ukrainian courts* rejected* the adoption, both because of  John’s age and because gay marriage is not recognized in Ukraine. John and Furnish still support* that baby, and his brother, financially.
With such hit songs as “Crocodile Rock,” “Candle in the Wind” and “Saturday Night’s All Right,” John is one of the most successful musicians of all time.

Elton John and Lev

fulfill – splnit
be granted – být poskytnut
blessed – požehnaný
refuse – odmítnout
reveal – odhalit
donor – dárce
court – soud
reject – odmítnout
support – podporovat
Question for discussion:
Should gay people be parents?


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