Drunk Kills Shark*

Dragan Stevic, from Serbia, is a big hero in the Egyptian resort town* of Sharm el Sheikh.  He killed a shark which had killed one tourist and injured* four.
He was on the beach with his friends, and all of them were extremely drunk.  Stevic asked a friend to hold his beer and jumped into the water from a diving board.*
“There was no time to stop him, he just went for it,” the friend said.
Stevic landed* directly on the shark’s head, killing it instantly.*  He twisted* his ankle* and was also treated* at the hospital for alcohol poisoning.*
shark – žralok
resort town – letovisko
injure – zranit
diving board – skákací prkno
land – přistát
instantly – okamžitě
twist – zvrknout
ankle – kotník
be treated – být léčen
poisoning – otrava
Question for discussion:
Are you afraid of sharks?


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