Deer Should Be Seen, Not Hurt

Reindeer* in Norway are being given reflective tags* to make them more visible to motorists.  So far about 2,000 of the animals have been tagged,* either on the antlers* or around the ankle.*
There are about 200,000 reindeer in Norway, so this is just a test sample.*  However, authorities are optimistic about the program.  “It really works,” said Kristian Oevernes, the leader of the project which is being carried out* by the Norwegian Public Roads  Administration.  “This is the first time we have done this on this scale.*”
Approximately 500 reindeer are struck* and killed by cars every year.

Safety Crossing

reindeer – sob
tag – značka
be tagged – být označen
antlers – paroží
ankle – kotník
test sample – zkušební vzorek
be carried out – být realizován
on this scale – v tomto rozsahu
be struck – být sražen
Question for discussion:
What could go wrong with this plan?



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