The Comical Confusion* of the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth games are a major* event.*  With up to 4,000 athletes from 70 nations and territories which are members* of the British Commonwealth, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, South Africa and many others, they take place every four years.

The 2010 Commonwealth Games, which finished October 14th, were in Delhi, India.
Although the event ended  well, there were many problems along the way. There were problems of corruption and bad construction of the athletes village, and complaints* from residents* of Delhi and environmental* groups.  That was just the beginning.

Langur Monkeys were employed to keep other animals, including smaller monkeys, out of the athletes village.  Also, there were problems with wild dogs along the marathon route.
Several swimmers got diarrhea,* which is locally known as “Delhi Belly.”

Shera the Tiger Welcomed Visitors to the Games

Snakes were found in one South African athlete’s room, and elsewhere throughout the village.  Authorities called in a wildlife organization, and snake charmers,* to get rid of* them.

As at the Barcelona Olympics, free condoms were distributed to the athletes.  This caused* plumbing* problems as thousands of them were flushed down* toilets in the first week. Director of the games Michael Fennel said: “That is a very positive story.  The athletes are being responsible.”

confusion – zmatek
major – významnější
event – akce
member – člen
complaint – stížnost
resident – obyvatel
environmental – ekologický
diarrhea – průjem
snake charmer – krotitel hadů
get rid of – zbavit se
cause – způsobit
plumbing – kanalizace
be flushed down – být
spláchnut (do záchodu)

Question for discussion:
Have you ever been to India?


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