Russians Plan Space* Hotel

A Russian company called Orbital Technologies has announced* that it will establish* a four room hotel in space by 2016. Some tenants* may be scientists doing research* for private companies, but the hotel is also for tourists.

A Beautiful Viewourists.

“Our planned module inside will not remind you of the ISS (International Space Station).  A hotel should be comfortable inside and it will be possible to look at the Earth through large windows,” Sergei Kostenko, chief executive of Orbital Technologies, said.

He also said the company may hire* celebrity chefs to prepare the meals before they are sent into space. The hotel will have four rooms and sleeping space for seven people.

space – vesmírný, vesmír; prostor
announce – oznámit
establish – zřídit
tenant – nájemce
research – výzkum
hire – najmout
remind – připomínat

Question for discussion:
Would you go there if you had the money?


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