Plastinated Body Parts Will Be Sold Online

German anatomist and entrepreneur* Gunther von Hagens is best known for the Body Worlds exhibition, which displays* actual human bodies preserved* by a process called plastination.  Plastination involves* removing* body fluids* and fat from corpses* and replacing* them with plastic resin.*  It has made von Hagens a multi-millionaire since he developed* it more than a decade ago.

Body Worlds shows bodies in lifelike poses such as playing football, sitting and reading or walking in the park.  Fans say that it promotes an understanding of the body, but some critics say it doesn’t show  respect for the dead.  Among those critics are many Catholic and Jewish religious leaders.

Last year, in Berlin, von Hagens displayed two of his plastinated corpses in a sexual pose in an exhibition called “Cycle of Life.”

Now, von Hagens will be selling plastinated body parts online.  An entire human body will cost a little bit less than 70,000 euros.  A torso can be bought for about 56,000 euros and a human head will cost almost 20,000 euros.
Von Hagens says that scientists and medical experts will be able to buy them.
The auction will begin November 3rd.

von Hagens, on Right

entrepreneur – podnikatel
display – vystavovat
preserved – konzervovaný
involve – zahrnovat
remove – odstranit
fluid – tekutina
corpse – mrtvola
replace – nahradit
resin – pryskyřice
develop – vyvinout

Question for discussion:
Is it art, science or just sick?

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