Laptop Stolen,* Data Returned

A professor at Umea University in Sweden recently had his laptop stolen while he was in the laundry room* of his apartment building.
“It’s my life,” he said.  “I have documented everything in it that has happened* in the last 10 years and beyond.*  When people lose their computers and cameras, it is not the gadget* itself that is the most important.  The content* is often irreplaceable.*”
However, a week later the  contents of the laptop – which would have taken several hours to download – were returned to him on a USB stick.
“I am very happy,” the professor said.  “This story makes me feel hope for humanity.*”
stolen – ukradený
laundry room – prádelna
happen – stát se
beyond – i později
gadget – přístroj
content – obsah
irreplaceable – nenahraditelný
humanity – lidstvo
Question for discussion:
Do you have a backup for your data?


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