FBI Takes Lennon’s Fingerprints* – Again

John Lennon was investigated* by the FBI in the early 1970s because of his opposition to the war in Viet Nam.  They are still out to get him.

A set of Lennon’s fingerprints on a 1976 signed* application* for U.S. citizenship* was to be auctioned off* October 9th, which is John Lennon’s birthday.  He would have been 70.  However, a day before the auction, the FBI sent a fax demanding* the document.

Peter Siegel, the owner of the shop that was selling the card, said “This great icon has been deceased* for 30 years.  This is not a national threat.*”

We’re investigating how the item came to be in a private collection,” FBI spokesman James Margolin said.

Minimum Bid $100,000

fingerprints – otisky prstů
be investigated – být vyšetřován
signed – podepsaný
application – žádost
citizenship – občanství
be auctioned off – být vydražen
demand – požadovat
be deceased – být zesnulý
threat – hrozba

Question for discussion:
Are you a fan of the Beatles?


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