Disposable* Shoes Will Save Sore* Feet

Ladies, you are all familiar with the problem.  Perhaps you have been wearing high heels* all day at work, or perhaps out at a fancy* club.  Your feet hurt and you still have a long way to go before you get home.
Isabella Fendt, a German student, thinks she has a solution.*  She has started a company called “Ballerinas to go”  which sells comfortable* shoes from vending machines.*  The shoes are flat heeled* and soft, similar to what ballet dancers wear.
Four dance clubs in Munich have already installed the machines, for women whose feet are sore from dancing in high heels.
The “disposable” shoes cost 7 euros a pair, and come with a bag to put your other shoes in.
disposable – jednorázový
sore – bolavý
heel – podpatek
fancy – trendy
solution – řešení
comfortable – pohodlný
vending machine – prodejní automat
flat heeled – rovný bez podpatků
Question for discussion:
Would you spend 7 euros to save your feet?


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