Burglar* Invents* New Lock

Yang Guihua

Yang Guihua, 29, was serving a 4 year sentence for burglary in Chongqing, China, when he invented a new kind of lock.  It uses fingerprint* recognition* technology so no key is required and it is much harder for a burglar to get in.

Not only is Yang working to prevent burglaries, but he will install 100 locks for free in the homes of  burglary victims.  “It makes me feel better to help these people make their homes more secure,” he said.

The locks have a backup system, in case it doesn’t recognize the owners fingerprint.  “Even if the sensor is damaged,* the owner can still open the door  by calling a number on their mobile phone and typing a password,” Yang said.

burglar – zloděj
invent – vynalézt
fingerprint – otisky prstů
recognition – rozpoznání
be damaged – být poškozen

Question for discussion:
What is the best way to prevent burglary?

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