A Worm* in the Kremlin’s Salad?

Kremlin Salad

Dmitry Zelenin, a regional governor in Russia, may have destroyed his career because he forgot that what you say on Twitter is public.

He was at a state dinner for the German President Christian Wolf at the Kremlin when he tweeted* “That’s an original way to show that the lettuce leaf is fresh.”  The message was accompanied*  by a picture of a worm.

Russian authorities reacted immediately and angrily.  Sergei Prikhodko, a top foreign policy advisor at the Kremlin, said “I would advise anyone who wants to invite Mr. Zelenin as a guest to think hard before doing so.”

worm – červ
destroy – zničit
tweet – to send a message on Twitter
be accompanied – být doprovoděn
foreign policy – zahraniční politika
advisor – poradce

Question for discussion:
Do you use Twitter?

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