“Angel of the Gap” Spends 40 Years Preventing* Suicides*

Don and Moya Richie

Don Richie and his wife Moya bought their house because  they loved the spectacular view.  From there you can see Sydney Harbor and “the Gap” which is what they call the tall sandstone* cliffs* near the harbor’s* mouth.*
However, the Gap is Australia’s number one spot* for suicides.  The first was in 1863 when a woman named Anne Harrison jumped from the cliff’s edge.*  Now, an average* of 50 people a year end their lives there.
That number would be higher if not for Don Richie.  He watches the cliffs from his window and if he sees someone about to jump, he goes over and invites them to come home with him for a cup of tea.  Locals* call him “the angel of the gap,” but he is modest* about his achievements.*  “Now I’m an old angel,” Richie, who is in his 80s, said.  “I used to sell kitchen scales* and bacon cutters.  Then I was state manager of a life insurance company.  At the Gap I’m trying to sell people life.”

prevent – zabránit
suicide – sebevražda
sandstone – pískovcový
cliff – útes
harbor – přístav
mouth – ústí
spot – místo
edge – okraj
average – průměr
local – místní
modest – skromný
achievement – úspěch
scale – váha

Question for discussion:
What is the best way to commit suicide?


2 Responses to “Angel of the Gap” Spends 40 Years Preventing* Suicides*

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