This Bed Is Not Just For Sleeping

The basic design of the bed has not changed for thousands of years.  As a platform for sleeping, people are generally very content with it.
But an Italian company called Sogniflex is now producing a bed specially designed for sex.  It has handles* you can  hold onto and there is a lowered* area for the man to put his knees for better traction.*  It also has stronger mattress springs* than the standard bed.
“There are studies which show that about 70 per cent of men and women say they are unsatisfied with their love-making,” said Sogniflex boss Paolo Tonelli.  “I wanted to invent* something that could really help them.”
handle – držadlo
lowered – snížený
traction – prokluz
spring – pružina
invent – vynalézt
Question for discussion:
Will this be a big seller?


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