Thai Senators Punch* and Kick* Each Other, in Public

Two Thai Senators recently set up* a boxing ring in front of the Parliament building in Bangkok and fought* two rounds* – but it wasn’t about any policy difference or because they hated each other.  Payap Tongchuen, 59 and Direk Tungfang, 64, organized the fight to promote* Muay Thai, which is the national sport.  Muay Thai is a form of boxing which allows* both hitting and kicking.
Both of the politicians are former professional boxers.  Most spectators* agreed that Tungfang won the match.  He even scored* one knockdown and Tongchuen said after the match “It’s good that I can still stand!”
However, the referee* declared them joint victors.*
Tungfang said “The aim is to market Muay Thai at the international level and  to campaign for the younger generation to maintain this traditional sport.
punch – udeřit
kick – kopat
set up – nainstalovat
fought – past tense of fight
round – kolo
promote – propagovat
allow – dovolit
spectator – divák
score – získat bod
referee – rozhodčí
joint victor – spoluvítěz
Question for discussion:
Do you like violent sports?


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