Sleep Prevents* Suicide*

Yang Jun, 30, was so depressed over his broken marriage he decided to kill himself.  He swallowed* more than 50 sleeping pills and then climbed up the Haiyin bridge in eastern China, planning to jump off.  Then, while rescuers* were trying to talk him out of* suicide, he fell asleep.
The rescuers quickly tied* him into a safety harness* and lowered* him to the ground.
“I couldn’t make up my mind which was better – an overdose or jumping.  So I decided to use both,” Jun said.
He was taken to a hospital for observation* and later released.*  He has since been reunited with his wife.
prevent – předcházet
suicide – sebevražda
rescuer – záchranář
talk out of – rozmluvit
tie – přivázat
safety harness – bezpečnostní pás
lower – spustit dolů
observation – pozorování
released – propuštěn
Question for discussion:
Why do people commit suicide?


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