Italian Gets New, Improved*, Girlfriend

A 50 year old Italian man missed his girlfriend so much after she left him that he paid 14,000 euros to recreate* her as a realistic sex doll!*
Italian sex toy maker Diego Bartolin made the doll based on* a series of photos the man gave him.
“She was a smiling blonde girl but he wanted bigger boobs* and a curvier* backside,*” Mr. Bortolin said.
“Our normal dolls are very realistic and everything works just like the real thing.  This particular project was more expensive because we had to replicate everything, right down to the shape of her nails and teeth. She is now the perfect girlfriend as far as I can see.”
improved – vylepšený
recreate – znovu vytvořit
sex doll – sex robot
based on – na základě
boobs – prsa
curvy – dobře vyvinutá (žena)
backside – pozadí
Question for discussion:
Will the new girlfriend make him happy?


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