German Drivers Fill Up With Milk

A German farmer who was fed up with* not getting enough money for his milk from the local dairy* has opened a “milk filling station” where the milk of 78 cows is stored* in a stainless steel* tank.*
Customers* put 70 cents into a slot* and get a liter of milk.  “There’s a lot more protein and fat in it because it is not treated* like the milk you get in normal supermarkets,” farmer Bruno Stauf said.
The station is self-service, so it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Even though the milk is a bit more expensive than in the supermarket, Stauf’s “milchtankstelle” is already a big hit.  “Customers say the milk in supermarkets doesn’t taste good any more,” Stauf said.
be fed up with – mít něčeho po krk
dairy – mlékárna
be stored – být uskladněn
stainless steel – nerez
tank – cisterna
customer – zákazník
slot – otvor pro mince
be treated – být zacházeno s
Question for discussion:
Have you ever had real milk?


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