Emergency Bra May Save Lives

In 1986 Ukrainian doctor Elena Bodnar saw the effects* of the Chernobyl disaster* firsthand.  It made her determined to do something about it.
So, she has invented* the emergency* bra.  It can be worn as a normal bra but if the air suddenly* becomes unbreathable,* the cups can be detached* and used as air filters.
Unfortunately there is no male equivalent but, Bodnar says “Isn’t it wonderful that women have two breasts, not just one.  We can save not only our own life, but also the life of a man of our choice.”
effect – následek
disaster – neštěstí
invent – vymyslet
emergency – pohotovostní
suddenly – najednou
unbreathable – nedýchatelný
be detached – být oddělen
Question for discussion:
What are the men supposed to do?


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