Crazy Toys For Crazy People

A German toy manufacturer is now making crazy toys.  “It started as a bit of a joke with my girlfriend who has lots of plush toys and then we thought there could be something in the idea,” Martin Kittsteiner said.
Each of the plush animals comes with a medical history, a referral letter* and a treatment* plan.
They include Dub the depressed turtle, Sly the hallucinating snake and Dolly the schizophrenic sheep.
“Children and grown-ups* like their vulnerability* and find something in them that gives them a great sense of comfort* in helping to heal* them,” Kittsteiner said.
referral letter – doporučení
treatment – léčebný
grown-up – dospělý
vulnerability – zranitelnost
comfort – uspokojení
heal – vyléčit
Question for discussion:
Which one would you buy?

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