Bear in Finnish Zoo Does Yoga

Santra, a brown bear at the Ahtari Zoo in Finland, does a 15 minute yoga routine every morning, which delights* the zoo’s visitors very much.
Is it just a learned trick or does the bear actually appreciate* the spirituality of yoga?
Meta Penca, the amateur photographer who took the photo below, said “It was exactly the same as when you see people do yoga – easy, slow, focused* and calm.*  She looked pretty into it, a really straight* face, no looking around just very serious and calm and kept her eyes slightly opened and focused.”
The routine consists of* stretching* both legs before balancing on her bottom* and then pulling her legs up* behind her ears.
delight – působit radost
appreciate – ocenit
focused – soustředěný
calm – klidný
straight – vážná (tvář)
consist of – skládat se z
stretch – protáhnout
bottom – zadek
pull up – vytáhnout nahoru
Question for discussion:
Do you do yoga?  Why or why not?

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