Baby Circumcised* by Mistake

A woman in Florida, USA, is suing* a hospital  after a doctor circumcised her 8 day old son by mistake.  “I didn’t want this for him,” Vera Delgado said.  “I’m opposed to* circumcision.  They didn’t have the right to do it.”
The hospital sees things differently  “The circumcision was an unfortunate* mistake caused by a misread* consent form.*  As soon as the error was discovered, the doctor and nurses let the family know what had occured,*” a hospital spokesman said.  The baby had been kept in intensive care when he was born because of an infection.
“It’s a big deal,*” Delgado said.  “In the future, he’s going to ask why his dad is one way and he’s different.”
circumcised – obřezán
sue – žalovat
be opposed to – být proti
unfortunate – nešťastný
misread – chybně přečtený
consent form – formulář dávající souhlas
occur – stát se
big deal – velký problém
Question for discussion:
Should the hospital have to pay?


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