Winner of Virginity* Auction Disqualified – Bidding* Continues

A 17 year old Hungarian girl who is auctioning off her virginity on the internet refused* to accept the bid* of a rich English businessman – because he wanted to marry her.
His bid* was over 120,000 Euros.
“It’s just for one night,” the freckle-faced* blonde girl said. “I think it’s actually quite romantic because the man who pays me this money will be helping to save my family from being homeless. He will be our savior.* I broke off* with the British guy because he wanted to go too far. I’m not looking for a husband – I’m doing this for my family.”
The girl lives with her mother and younger brother, who is only 20 months old. She did not tell her mother about the auction at first, but there was such a huge response to the auction, and so much media attention, that eventually she had to reveal* her plans.
“She was shocked and begged* me not to do it but how else will we raise* the cash to save our home?”
Bidding has begun again and soon the young virgin will be much wealthier – and no longer a virgin.
virginity – panenství
bidding – přihazování v dražbě
refuse – odmítnout
bid – nabídnutá cena (při dražbě)
freckle-faced – s pihovatou tváří
savior – zachránce
broke off – past tense of break off
(přerušit spojení)
reveal – odhalit
beg – prosit
raise – sehnat (peníze)
Question for discussion:
Is she doing the right thing?


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