Will Animal Shaped Cities Solve Sudan’s Problems?

Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world. Many people are starving,* there are few modern facilities,* and war is everywhere. A referendum is scheduled* in January in which the south of the country is expected to declare* its independence.*
Some government officials have proposed* an unusual plan which they think will solve some of the region’s problems. They want to redesign the region’s cities so that, from the air, they would look like animals. For instance, Juba, the capital, would look like a rhinoceros.* The police station would be near the rhino’s mouth, an industrial park along its back, an amusement park* at one ear and residential neighborhoods in the legs.
“It’s very innovative. That’s our thinking. It’s unique. You have to be unique to attract the people,” said Daniel Wani of the Ministry of Housing and Planning.
starve – hladovět
facility – zařízení
be scheduled – být naplánován
declare – vyhlásit
independence – nezávislost
propose – navrhnout
rhinocero – nosorožec
amusement park – zábavní park
Question for discussion:
Is this brilliant or stupid?


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