The Moon is Shrinking!*

NASA scientists* have discovered* that the moon’s diameter* may have shrunk* by as much as 200 meters over the last billion years.
While they were examining* photos taken by an orbiting* spacecraft, they realized* that the shape of some of the cliffs* indicated tectonic activity (moonquakes).
“This is the first evidence* that the moon has been shrinking and may still be shrinking” Michael Wargo, NASA’s chief* lunar scientist, said.
shrink (past participle: shrunk) – zmenšovat se
scientist – vědec
discover – objevit
diameter – průměr
examine – prohlížet, zkoumat
orbiting – obíhající
realize – zjistit
cliff – útes
evidence – důkaz
chief – hlavní, vedoucí
Question for discussion:
Will people ever live on the moon?


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