Psychic* Finds Wrong Body

Australian police were looking for a missing* 6 year old girl when aboriginal* psychic* Cheryl Carroll Lagerwey offered her help.
“I can’t explain this,” Carroll-Lagerwey said. “I had a dream about a little girl being murdered* and that her body was about here.”
She led* police to the spot* and they did find a body – but it was not that of the little girl. It was the body of an adult female, wrapped in* plastic, with the arms and legs cut off.* Police suspect* it is a woman from Sydney who went missing in June.
The 6 year old girl, unfortunately, is still missing.
psychic – médium
missing – pohřešovaný
aboriginal – domorodý
be murdered – být zavražděn
led – past tense of lead (dovést)
spot – místo
wrapped in – zabalený do
cut off – uříznutý
suspect – podezírat
Question for discussion:
Do you believe in psychics?


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