Lucky* Statue Gets Worn Out*

The town of Makarska, in Croatia, has a special statue to honor* a special local tradition. But the statue is suffering damage* because it is too popular!
The life size bronze statue of a man and a woman is called “Tribute* to the Unknown Seagull”.* Seagull is the local term for a young man who has a love affair with an older female tourist. “We get a lot of older women from the west here and the men, especially the fishermen, have made a study of how to pick them up,*” one resident explained.
Of course, everybody wants love to last and there is a tradition that, if you are in a new relationship, you should touch the woman’s right breast for luck. “Now so many people have touched it that the statue’s finish* has worn out,” one local art lover complained.*
lucky – přinášející štěstí
get worn out – opotřebovat se
honor – uctít
suffer damage – utrpět škodu
tribute – pocta
seagull – racek
pick up – seznamovat se
finish – povrch
complain – stěžovat si
Question for discussion:
Have you ever had a vacation romance?

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