Kylie’s Teddy Bear Banned* on Facebook

Popular Australian singer Kylie Minogue, who has had such hit songs as I Should Be So Lucky and Can’t Get You Out of my Head, recently received a large stuffed* bear as a gift from a fan at a gay nightclub in London. (We know it was a gay nightclub because its name is G-A-Y Nightclub). The bear has a large penis.
Kylie was playing with the bear on stage.* Some fans took photos and one of them posted* the photos on their Facebook page.
Facebook deleted the photo, saying that it violated* their obscenity* rules. “We do not allow* photos that contain nudity,* drug use or violence,*” Facebook management said in an official statement.*
banned – zakázán
stuffed – plyšový
stage – pódium
post – zveřejnit
violate – porušit
obscenity rule – pravidlo
proti pornografii
rule – pravidlo
allow – povolit
nudity – nahota
violence – násilí
statement – prohlášení
Question for discussion:
Should Facebook be censoring content?


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