Crisis Solved! Scientists Turn Whiskey Into Gasoline*

Scottish scientists have found a way to make fuel* from waste materials in whiskey distilleries.* “This is an environmentally sustainable* option and potentially offers new revenue* on the back of one of Scotland’s biggest industries,” professor Martin Tangney at Edinburgh’s Napier University said.
The new fuel is made from a combination of pot ale,* which is the liquid that is left over after the whiskey is distilled, and spent grains.*
The result is called butanol, which Tangney and others say produces 25% more energy than ethanol and can be used in unmodified* engines* with any gasoline blend.*
Ethanol, which can be made from a variety of vegetable products, was once thought to be the solution to the world’s energy crisis. However, it is not as powerful as regular gasoline, can cause damage* to engines and also causes a great deal of air pollution.*
gasoline – benzín (American English)
fuel – palivo
waste material – odpad
distillerry – lihovar
environmentally sustainable – ekologicky udržitelný
revenue – příjem
pot ale – krmivo
spent grains – mláto
unmodified – neupravený
engine – motor
blend – směs
damage – poškození
pollution – znečištění
Question for discussion:
Will this be the solution to the energy crisis?

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