$1 Million to Streak* Obama

A British billionaire has offered a $1 million prize* to the first person who will run naked in front of American president Barack Obama with the name of his website written on their stomach.
Nigerian born Alki David, 42, is the owner of http://www.battlecam.com, a website which offers people prize money, up to thousands of British pounds, for performing* crazy stunts* live in front of a webcam.
Alki said he is not worried about the security risks. “This is all in good fun,” he said. He added “I find most Americans are able to laugh at themselves. It is not as if there are any negative intentions.* It is just a silly, outrageous* prank* which is not going to hurt anyone.”
streak – to run naked
prize – cena
perform – předvádět
stunt – trik
intention – úmysl
outrageous – překračující všechny meze
prank – kanadský žert
Question for discussion:
Will someone win the money?

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