Watson’s World News no. 8/2010

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Julia Roberts Stays in Character, Converts to Hinduism

Julia Roberts, who is starring* in the current film Eat, Pray, Love about a woman who travels to India to try and find some meaning in her life after a divorce, has converted to Hinduism.
However, she claims* her conversion had nothing to do with the film. She said that she had read the book the film is based on,* and liked it, before she was offered the part,* and so she accepted the role enthusiastically.* But she did not wish to discuss her religious views* in depth.*
“I’ve realized* something my mother told me 22 years ago,” Roberts said. “You’re an actor, act. Don’t talk about politics or religion.”
Roberts, 42, is from a family of actors. Her parents managed* an acting school in her home state of Georgia, USA, and her brother, Eric and sister, Lisa are also actors.
Eric got her her first role in a film called Blood Red which was not very successful. She then had a few small parts on TV before starring in Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman, both of which came out in 1990.
Roberts’ films have earned* more than 2.4 billion dollars, making her one of the most successful actresses of all time. She won a best actress Oscar for Erin Brockovich.
She is married to cameraman Daniel Moder, who she met while making The Mexican with Brad Pitt. They have 3 children.
star – hrát ve filmu
claim – tvrdit
be based on – být natočen podle
part – role
enthusiastically – nadšeně
view – názor
in depth – do hloubky
realize – pochopit
manage – řídit
earn – vydělat
Question for discussion:
Are you a fan of Julia Roberts?

Singer Accused of* Spreading* HIV

Nadja Benaissa, a singer in the popular German girl band No Angels, has been charged with* grievous bodily harm* for having sex with 3 men and not telling them she was HIV positive.
“When I was arrested* I realized* that the way I had dealt with* the illness had been wrong. I made a big mistake. No way did I want my partner to be infected,” she said.
One of the 3 men, however, did catch* the virus. “You have created a lot of suffering* in the world,” he told Benaissa in court. His name has not been released.
No Angels have had several hit records,* and represented Germany in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.
accused of – obviněna z
spreading – šíření
be charged with – být obviněna z
grievous bodily harm – těžké ublížení na zdraví
be arrested – být zatčena
realize – uvědomit si
deal with – vyrovnávat se s
catch – nakazit se
suffering – utrpení
be released – být zveřejněn
record – nahrávka
Question for discussion:
Should she go to jail?

The Moon is Shrinking!*

NASA scientists* have discovered* that the moon’s diameter* may have shrunk* by as much as 200 meters over the last billion years.
While they were examining* photos taken by an orbiting* spacecraft, they realized* that the shape of some of the cliffs* indicated tectonic activity (moonquakes).
“This is the first evidence* that the moon has been shrinking and may still be shrinking” Michael Wargo, NASA’s chief* lunar scientist, said.
shrink (past participle: shrunk) – zmenšovat se
scientist – vědec
discover – objevit
diameter – průměr
examine – prohlížet, zkoumat
orbiting – obíhající
realize – zjistit
cliff – útes
evidence – důkaz
chief – hlavní, vedoucí
Question for discussion:
Will people ever live on the moon?

Kylie’s Teddy Bear Banned* on Facebook

Popular Australian singer Kylie Minogue, who has had such hit songs as I Should Be So Lucky and Can’t Get You Out of my Head, recently received a large stuffed* bear as a gift from a fan at a gay nightclub in London. (We know it was a gay nightclub because its name is G-A-Y Nightclub). The bear has a large penis.
Kylie was playing with the bear on stage.* Some fans took photos and one of them posted* the photos on their Facebook page.
Facebook deleted the photo, saying that it violated* their obscenity* rules. “We do not allow* photos that contain nudity,* drug use or violence,*” Facebook management said in an official statement.*
banned – zakázán
stuffed – plyšový
stage – pódium
post – zveřejnit
violate – porušit
obscenity rule – pravidlo
proti pornografii
rule – pravidlo
allow – povolit
nudity – nahota
violence – násilí
statement – prohlášení
Question for discussion:
Should Facebook be censoring content?

Psychic* Finds Wrong Body

Australian police were looking for a missing* 6 year old girl when aboriginal* psychic* Cheryl Carroll Lagerwey offered her help.
“I can’t explain this,” Carroll-Lagerwey said. “I had a dream about a little girl being murdered* and that her body was about here.”
She led* police to the spot* and they did find a body – but it was not that of the little girl. It was the body of an adult female, wrapped in* plastic, with the arms and legs cut off.* Police suspect* it is a woman from Sydney who went missing in June.
The 6 year old girl, unfortunately, is still missing.
psychic – médium
missing – pohřešovaný
aboriginal – domorodý
be murdered – být zavražděn
led – past tense of lead (dovést)
spot – místo
wrapped in – zabalený do
cut off – uříznutý
suspect – podezírat
Question for discussion:
Do you believe in psychics?

Crisis Solved! Scientists Turn Whiskey Into Gasoline*

Scottish scientists have found a way to make fuel* from waste materials in whiskey distilleries.* “This is an environmentally sustainable* option and potentially offers new revenue* on the back of one of Scotland’s biggest industries,” professor Martin Tangney at Edinburgh’s Napier University said.
The new fuel is made from a combination of pot ale,* which is the liquid that is left over after the whiskey is distilled, and spent grains.*
The result is called butanol, which Tangney and others say produces 25% more energy than ethanol and can be used in unmodified* engines* with any gasoline blend.*
Ethanol, which can be made from a variety of vegetable products, was once thought to be the solution to the world’s energy crisis. However, it is not as powerful as regular gasoline, can cause damage* to engines and also causes a great deal of air pollution.*
gasoline – benzín (American English)
fuel – palivo
waste material – odpad
distillerry – lihovar
environmentally sustainable – ekologicky udržitelný
revenue – příjem
pot ale – krmivo
spent grains – mláto
unmodified – neupravený
engine – motor
blend – směs
damage – poškození
pollution – znečištění
Question for discussion:
Will this be the solution to the energy crisis?