Romanian Model Starts Beautiful Party

Sanziana Buruiana is a model with a mission.
She has established* the “Beautiful People” party.  Its platform doesn’t say very much about economics, but Buruiana suggests* raising money* with a tax on obesity, at 10 euros per kilo a person is overweight.
She also wants to punish* those who tell dumb blonde jokes.  “Anyone like that needs to be put in prison,*” she said.
Buruiana, 23, also says she has plans to impose* a fine* of 100 euros for infidelity.*
Her platform is not entirely negative, though.  She suggests that all Romanian tour guides be bikini wearing models.  She claims* that this would increase Romania’s popularity as a tourist destination.
establish – založit
suggest – navrhnout
raise money – získat peníze
punish – potrestat
be put in prison – být dán do vězení
impose – uložit (pokutu)
fine – pokuta
infidelity – nevěra
claim – tvrdit
Question for discussion:
Is it important to be beautiful?


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