Lemurs Escape* from Zoo, Go on Crime Spree*

Two lemurs made a daring* escape from Hellbrunn zoo in Salzburg, Austria recently.  For a week, they terrorized the neighborhood.  And they almost got away with* it.
They knew when their keeper* made his rounds.*  One day, they were waiting and ran out as soon as the door was opened.  They were out of the zoo and into a residential neighborhood in a very short time.  For a week, they stole fruit, turned over garbage cans, fought with dogs and cats and, in general, made a mess.*
They were caught one morning in a hotel bar when the manager came in.  “I couldn’t believe it when I came in for work in the morning,” said hotel manager Andreas Hasenohrl. “They were playing with the bottles, but I gave them a banana instead and quickly shut all the doors and windows.”
The zookeepers have renamed* the two lemurs King Julien and Maurice, after characters* in the film Madagascar.
escape – utéct
crime spree –  zločinné řádění
daring – odvážný
get away with – vyjít s úspěchem
keeper – ošetřovatel
make rounds – chodit na obchůzky
make a mess – udělat nepořádek
rename – přejmenovat
character – postava
Question for discussion:
Is it right to keep animals in zoos?


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