Gibson Accused of* Hitting* Girlfriend While She Held Baby

Mel Gibson has often played characters who were insane.*  He first came to fame as the title character in the Mad* Max films. He played Hamlet, the mad prince of Denmark.  Martin Riggs, his character in the Lethal Weapon films, was at the very least a bit eccentric, and his character in Conspiracy Theory was seriously paranoid.
Now, it seems as if maybe Mel wasn’t acting* at all.
In 2006, after being stopped by police officers for drunken driving,* Mel began screaming and said many bad things about Jews.  A month later he and his wife, Robyn, with whom he has 7 children, separated.
He began dating* Oksana Grigorieva, a Russian born Ukrainian pianist.  They now have one child.
Robyn filed for divorce* in 2009.
In early July, Grigorieva released* a tape of a phone conversation with Mel in which he used very bad sexist and racist words, criticized the way she dressed and the fact that she’s had breast enlargement surgery, and admitted* to hitting her when she was holding their baby, a little girl.
It is not yet clear what effect this controversy will have on his career.  Although his agents have fired* him, he has already completed his next film, “The Beaver”* in which he plays a man with marital* problems.
accused of – obviněn z
hit – uhodit
insane – crazy
mad – can mean either angry or crazy.  In this case it means crazy.
act – hrát
drunken driving – řízení v opilosti
scream – řvát
date – chodit s
file for divorce – požádat o rozvod
release – uveřejnit
admit – připustit
fire – propustit (z práce)
beaver – bobr
marital – manželský
Question for discussion:
Will this end his career?


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