Canadian Film Maker Puts Camera in Place of Eye!

Rob Spence, 36, lost his right eye in a hunting* accident on his grandfather’s farm when he was a teenager.
Now, he has figured out* a way to turn his handicap into an advantage* by installing a camera in his eye socket!*  Spence, who calls himself “the eyeborg guy,” said “unlike you humans, I can continue to upgrade!”
The camera, which looks like a real eye, runs on a small battery and can transmit* images directly to a computer.
Spence feels that it will be an improvement* over regular video cameras.  “When you bring a camera, people change.  I wouldn’t be disarming* at all,” he said.  But with the eye camera it’s different. “I would just be some dude.*  It’s a much truer conversation.”
He plans to make a documentary film by talking to people who do not realize* that his eye is actually a camera.  He will tell them afterward, and ask them to sign a release* form if they want their candid* conversation to be used in the film.
hunting – lovecký
figure out – přijít na, vymyslet
advantage – výhoda
socket – oční důlek
transmit – přenášet
improvement – vylepšení
disarming – odzbrojující
dude – guy
realize – uvědomit si
release – dávající souhlas ke zveřejnění
candid – přirozený
Question for discussion:
Will this be the future of filmmaking?


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