Bobby Fischer’s Body Exhumed in Paternity Suit*

Chess legend Bobby Fischer died in Iceland in 2008.  He was 64.
From the time he beat Boris Spassky to become the chess champion of the world in 1972, his life was surrounded* by controversy.  He was stripped of* the title in 1975 for refusing* to defend* it against Anatoly Karpov.  He lived in Hungary, the Philippines and Japan, and had many financial and legal problems.  He was arrested* in Japan in 2004, and they were going to send him back to the United States.  He renounced* his American citizenship* but Iceland, where he is something of a national hero, welcomed him.
Now, his body has been exhumed to determine* whether or not he is the father of Jinky Young, a 9 year old Filipino girl whose mother, Marilyn Young, claims* she had a relationship with Fischer.  After Fischer’s body was exhumed, a DNA sample was taken and he was reburied.
If Jinky is Fischer’s daughter, she will have a claim* to his estate,* but so do his Japanese wife and the U.S. government, for taxes.
The results of the DNA tests have not yet been announced.
paternity suit – soudní spor o určení otcovství
be surrounded – být obklopen
be stripped of – být odebrán
refuse – odmítnout
defend – obhájit
be arrested – být uvězněn
renounce – zříct se
citizenship – občanství
determine – určit
claim – tvrdit; nárok
estate – majetek
Question for discussion:
What do you know about Bobby Fischer?

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