Angel’s Penis Broken Off*

Well known German fashion designer, writer and artist Wolfgang Joop is angry.
He had marked* his father’s grave* with a statue of an angel.  The angel, unfortunately, had a prominent penis, which often offended* other visitors to the cemetery.  Recently, vandals broke the penis off of the statue.
“This is a desecration* of a cemetery.  Snapping off* an angel’s stone penis is just not done.”
The director of the cemetery, Jutta Erb-Rogg, agrees.  “It’s terribly sad,” she said.  “The angel was art – not pornography.”
Joop does not plan to replace* the penis.
broken off – ulomen
mark – označit
grave – hrob
offend – urážet
desecration – znesvěcení
snap off – ulomit
replace – nahradit
inappropriate –
Question for discussion:
Was the statue inappropriate?*


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