The Making of the Monkey King

Yu Zhenghuan’s  entire body, with the exception of his forehead and fingertips, is covered* in thick black hair.  Now, he wants to have plastic surgery* – to make his nose smaller!
Yu recently tried to get a part in a Chinese TV drama, “The Monkey King” but was told his nose was too large.  “I could only get a supporting* role as a monkey,” he said.  “I want to get the leading* role as the Monkey King.”
“We really hope we can help him realize his dreams,” Doctor Zhao Yuan said.
Surgeons also hope that the nose job will clear the thick hair in his nostrils* which cause Yu respiratory* problems.
be covered – být pokryt
surgery – operace
supporting – vedlejší
leading – hlavní
nostrils – nosní dírky
respiratory – dýchací
Question for discussion:
How do you feel about plastic surgery?


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