Watson’s World News no. 7

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Gibson Accused of* Hitting* Girlfriend While She Held Baby

Mel Gibson has often played characters who were insane.*  He first came to fame as the title character in the Mad* Max films. He played Hamlet, the mad prince of Denmark.  Martin Riggs, his character in the Lethal Weapon films, was at the very least a bit eccentric, and his character in Conspiracy Theory was seriously paranoid.
Now, it seems as if maybe Mel wasn’t acting* at all.
In 2006, after being stopped by police officers for drunken driving,* Mel began screaming and said many bad things about Jews.  A month later he and his wife, Robyn, with whom he has 7 children, separated.
He began dating* Oksana Grigorieva, a Russian born Ukrainian pianist.  They now have one child.
Robyn filed for divorce* in 2009.
In early July, Grigorieva released* a tape of a phone conversation with Mel in which he used very bad sexist and racist words, criticized the way she dressed and the fact that she’s had breast enlargement surgery, and admitted* to hitting her when she was holding their baby, a little girl.
It is not yet clear what effect this controversy will have on his career.  Although his agents have fired* him, he has already completed his next film, “The Beaver”* in which he plays a man with marital* problems.
accused of – obviněn z
hit – uhodit
insane – crazy
mad – can mean either angry or crazy.  In this case it means crazy.
act – hrát
drunken driving – řízení v opilosti
scream – řvát
date – chodit s
file for divorce – požádat o rozvod
release – uveřejnit
admit – připustit
fire – propustit (z práce)
beaver – bobr
marital – manželský
Question for discussion:
Will this end his career?

Angel’s Penis Broken Off*

Well known German fashion designer, writer and artist Wolfgang Joop is angry.
He had marked* his father’s grave* with a statue of an angel.  The angel, unfortunately, had a prominent penis, which often offended* other visitors to the cemetery.  Recently, vandals broke the penis off of the statue.
“This is a desecration* of a cemetery.  Snapping off* an angel’s stone penis is just not done.”
The director of the cemetery, Jutta Erb-Rogg, agrees.  “It’s terribly sad,” she said.  “The angel was art – not pornography.”
Joop does not plan to replace* the penis.
broken off – ulomen
mark – označit
grave – hrob
offend – urážet
desecration – znesvěcení
snap off – ulomit
replace – nahradit
inappropriate –
Question for discussion:
Was the statue inappropriate?*

Employees’ Feet Feel Heat

A “motivation day” organized by Tecnocasa, an Italian real estate agency, ended badly when 9 employees were hospitalized after walking barefoot* on a bed* of hot coals.*
Alessandro di Priamo, the former athlete* and motivational trainer who organized the event, said “Firewalking helps people overcome* their fears,* seek new challenges* and understand that most of what they see as their limits are self-inflicted.*”
None of the injuries* were serious.
barefoot – bosý
bed – vrstva
coal – uhlík
athlete – sportovec
overcome – překonat
fear – strach
challenge – výzva
self-inflicted – způsobený sám sobě
injury – zranění
Question for discussion:
Would you walk on fire if your boss told you to?

Actress in Potter Films Threatened* With Death

Afshan Azad, 22, a British actress whose biggest role so far has been that of Padma Patil in the Harry Potter films, was attacked recently – by her father and older brother!
They did not approve of* her relationship with a non-muslim man.  She was dating* a Hindu.  They ordered* her to stop seeing him and when she refused,* her brother Ashraf, 28, beat her.  He and her father Abdul, 54, also threatened to kill her.
Both men are currently out on bail* before their trial.* However, they have been banned from* traveling to London, where Afshan is staying with friends.  The family lives in Manchester.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book of the series, has been made into two films.  The first of them will be in cinemas in November.
threatened – vyhrožováno
approve of – schválit
date – chodit s
order – zakázat
refuse – odmítnout
bail – kauce
trial – soud
be banned from – být zakázáno
Question for discussion:
Are you a Harry Potter fan?

Canadian Film Maker Puts Camera in Place of Eye!

Rob Spence, 36, lost his right eye in a hunting* accident on his grandfather’s farm when he was a teenager.
Now, he has figured out* a way to turn his handicap into an advantage* by installing a camera in his eye socket!*  Spence, who calls himself “the eyeborg guy,” said “unlike you humans, I can continue to upgrade!”
The camera, which looks like a real eye, runs on a small battery and can transmit* images directly to a computer.
Spence feels that it will be an improvement* over regular video cameras.  “When you bring a camera, people change.  I wouldn’t be disarming* at all,” he said.  But with the eye camera it’s different. “I would just be some dude.*  It’s a much truer conversation.”
He plans to make a documentary film by talking to people who do not realize* that his eye is actually a camera.  He will tell them afterward, and ask them to sign a release* form if they want their candid* conversation to be used in the film.
hunting – lovecký
figure out – přijít na, vymyslet
advantage – výhoda
socket – oční důlek
transmit – přenášet
improvement – vylepšení
disarming – odzbrojující
dude – guy
realize – uvědomit si
release – dávající souhlas ke zveřejnění
candid – přirozený
Question for discussion:
Will this be the future of filmmaking?

Aliens* Attack Bosnian Man

Radivoje Lajic believes that aliens are out to get him.  His house, in Gornji Lajici, Bosnia, has been hit* 6 times by meteorites since 2007! “I don’t know what I did to annoy* them but there is no other explanation that makes sense,” he said.  “The chance of being hit by a meteorite is so small that getting hit 6 times has to be deliberate.*  If you rule out* the possible – then the impossible must be true.”
Scientists at Belgrade University in Serbia have confirmed that all the rocks he has shown them are, indeed, meteorites.
Lajic has had so many curiousity seekers* visit his home that he now plans to build a small museum in his back garden.
alien – mimozemšťan
be hit –
být zasažen
annoy – naštvat
deliberate – úmyslný
rule out – vyloučit
seeker – hledač
Question for discussion:
Is he being targeted by aliens?