Taxi Driver Gets Tip* of a Lifetime

Don Pratt, a taxi driver in Newquay, in the southwestern English region of Cornwall, recently got an amazing* tip from one of his long time customers.*
Mary Watson, 86, died and left her entire estate* to Pratt and his wife, Gill.  He had been her regular driver for 20 years.
“I’m not sure how her family feel about it, but the solicitor* was clear that she wanted me to have what was left,” Pratt said.
The estate consisted of* a house and some savings.  The total value is approximately 300,000 euros.
Pratt has sold his taxi firm to a friend and is looking forward to retirement.*  “We worked days and nights,” he said.  “Now, we can go traveling and all the other things we have not been able to do.”
tip – spropitné
amazing – úžasný
customer – zákazník
estate – pozůstalost
solicitor – právní zástupce
consist of – skládat se z
retirement – důchod
Question for discussion:
Who will you leave your money to?


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