Scented* Sign Sells Succulent* Steaks

A grocery store in rural North Carolina, USA, has moved advertising up to a new level.  Their billboard along Highway 150 doesn’t look unusual.  It shows a piece of steak on a fork.
However, this billboard also smells like steak. “It smells like barbecue, like hickory* or something like that being barbecued and it smells like steak,” one driver said.
The scent is created by high powered* fans located at the bottom of the bulletin board and blowing over* cartridges* loaded with* barbecue scented oil.
The billboard was created by ScentAir, a North Carolina firm which provides* customized* scents for businesses including hotels, casinos and retail stores.
“It smells like grilled meat with a nice pepper rub* on it,” marketing director Murray Dameron said.
scented – vonící
succulent – šťavnatý
hickory – bílý ořech
powered – výkonný
blow over – foukat
cartridge – zásobník
loaded with – naplněný
provide – poskytovat
customized – na přání zákazníka
rub – potření
Question for discussion:
What products would this be a good advertisement for?


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