Russian Billionaire Gaga for Gaga

A 30 year old Russian billionaire, who has been identified only as “Arkady” paid a million dollars just to be in a new Lady Gaga video.
The song is “Alejandro” and the young billionaire appears* wearing a leather jacket and cap.  He stares at* Lady Gaga, throws off his cap and moves closer to her.
A spokesperson for Lady Gaga said Arkady’s acting was flawless.*  The video was filmed in Thailand.
Arkady was also artistically satisfied with the result.  “I was pleased with how it turned out,*” he said.  “maybe I am in the wrong job.”
appear – zdát se
stare at – zírat na
flawless – perfektní
turn out – vyjít
Question for discussion:
Are you a fan of Lady Gaga?

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