Man Throws Puppy* at Bikers

A 26 year old German student recently mooned* a group of Hell’s Angels in Munich, Germany, threw a puppy at them  and  fled.*  He then stole a bulldozer from a nearby construction site and tried to drive away with it.
Traffic was soon backed up* for 5 kilometers. So, he abandoned the bulldozer and continued by hitchhiking.*
Police arrested* him later at his home.
There was no explanation for his bizarre behavior,* although he said he had recently stopped taking anti-depression medication.
puppy – štěně
moon – ukázat holý zadek
fled – past tense of flee (utéct)
be backed up – být ucpaný
hitchhike – stopovat
arrest – zatknout
behavior – chování
Question for discussion:
Why did he do this?


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