Elderly Woman Destroys* Books

A 74 year old woman in Boise, Idaho, USA has been arrested for vandalism.
Joy Cassidy is suspected of* causing thousands of dollars in damage* to library books.  She would pour liquids such as ketchup, corn syrup and mayonnaise into the book return slots.*
Police eventually caught her after she had done it ten times, all at the same library.
Although it seems to be a relatively non-violent* crime,* things could have been worse.  When officers eventually stopped her  and searched her car, they also found a loaded* gun* under the driver’s seat.
destroy – zničit
be suspected of – být podezřelý z
damage – škoda
slot – otvor
violent – násilný
crime – zločin
loaded – nabitý
gun – zbraň
Question for discussion:
Why did she do this?


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