Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Finally Tie The Knot*

Indiana Jones Begins Greatest Adventure

Harrison Ford, who rocketed to fame* as Han Solo in Star Wars and became even better known as Indiana Jones, has married longtime girlfriend Calista Flockhart, who played the title character in the popular American TV series Ally McBeal.
Ford, 67, has been married twice before and has 4 children. (Two from each marriage)
This is the 1st marriage for Flockhart, 45.  She has a 10 year old son, Liam, who she adopted as an infant.  He was born January 1st, 2001.
Ford and Flockhart have been dating since they met at the Golden Globes in 2002.  She accidentally* spilled* wine on him.
Although Ford and Flockhart have been dating for 8 years they have tried to protect their privacy.  Their wedding was no exception.  No paparazzi were present and few details were made available to the public.
There was something special about it, though.  It took place at the New Mexico governor’s mansion* and governor Bill Richardson, who was a candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2008 but lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama, hosted* the event.
Ford is in New Mexico to film “Cowboys and Aliens” an adaptation of a comic book, which will be in cinemas next summer.
tie the knot – praštit do toho (vzít se)
rocket to fame – proslavit se
accidentally – nešťastnou náhodou
spill – vylít
mansion – sídlo
host – hostit
Question for discussion:
Will their marriage last?

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