Giant Statue of Jesus Christ Struck By Lightning

Smoke on the Water...

A 20 meter statue of Jesus Christ has been struck by lightning.*  It was made of plastic foam* and fiberglass* over a steel* frame.  Everything but the frame was completely burned.
The statue was completed in 2004 and stood in front of the evangelical Solid Rock Church in southern Ohio, USA.  It was clearly visible from the freeway.
On the one hand, that brought a lot of visitors to the 4,000 member church which was founded* by former* horse trader Lawrence Bishop and his wife.  On the other hand, the statue was widely ridiculed* and earned many humorous nicknames from passing* motorists.
It  was called Touchdown Jesus, because the arms were upraised*, similar to a referee’s* signal for a touchdown* in American football, Swamp Jesus because it appeared to be rising out of the churches baptismal pool, and Big Butter Jesus because of its yellowish color.
Bishop intends* to replace the statue, using less flammable* materials.
be struck by lightning – být zasažen
foam – pěna
fiberglass – skleněné vlákno
steel – ocelový
be founded – být založen
former – bývalý
be ridiculed – být zesměšněn
passing – projíždějící
be upraised – být pozvednut
referee – rozhodčí
touchdown – goal in American football
intend – mít v úmyslu
replace – nahradit
flammable – hořlavý
Question for discussion:
Was this a sign from God?


One Response to Giant Statue of Jesus Christ Struck By Lightning

  1. Cecelia says:

    I thought the statue was beautiful and I wasn’t shocked when lightning hit it Because even though people said it looked like a referee..let me tell you something God doesn’t put up with poking fun of his son even if it is a statue. I’m sorry I would hate to have it on my conscience that I made fun of it but the wrath of God took care of that. I went by yesterday and saw the new statue and its beautiful like the other one was. God is good but don’t mess with him.

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