Gaddafi Loves Italian Village

A Peaceful Place

Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi fell in love with the Italian village of Antrodoco while he was in Italy for the G8 summit.
The region had recently suffered from* earthquakes* so Gaddafi ordered* his entourage* to drive on the smaller, mountain roads to avoid* going through tunnels.  When they took a break in Antrodoco, population 2,800, Gaddafi enjoyed the villagers’ hospitality.*  “You have entered my heart and I won’t forget you,” he said.
He has reportedly* promised to convert* a historical palace into a luxury hotel and start a business bottling* the local spring* water.
suffer from – trpět na
earthquake – zemětřesení
order – přikázat
entourage – doprovod
avoid – vyvarovat se
hospitality – pohostinnost
reportedly – údajně
convert – přestavět
bottle – plnit do lahví
spring – pramenitý
Question for discussion:
Do you like Italy?


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