Artificial Intelligence is Near – Computer Wins Trivia Game*

Computers that compete* with the world’s top chess players are nothing new, but artificial intelligence recently took a great leap forward* when a supercomputer nicknamed* Watson defeated* two ex-champions in 4 out of 6 games of “Jeopardy!”.
“Jeopardy!” is a popular American TV game show, where contestants* answer trivia questions.  Actually, the answers are given and contestants have to guess the questions, because that is the theme of the game.
For instance, “This action flick* starring Roy Schieder in a high-tech police helicopter was also briefly a TV series.”  The correct response would be “What is Blue Thunder?”  That’s one the computer got right, answering in an upbeat,* but clearly synthesized, voice.
It may not be artificial intelligence yet, but it is a huge advance over Google.  In the future, instead of typing in* keywords to find sources* which might give us the answer we want, we will be able to simply type in* our question, in normal language, and receive an answer.
“He plays to win,” said Samantha Boardman, one of the scientists responsible for designing Watson.  “He’s really not messing around.*”
trivia game – vědomostní soutěž
compete – soutěžit
leap forward – skok vpřed
nicknamed – s přezdívkou
defeat – porazit
contestant – soutěžící
flick – film
upbeat – pozitivní
type in – vepsat na klávesnici
source – zdroj
mess around – dělat blbosti
Question for discussion:
Is artificial intelligence possible?


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