Animal Psychologists Save Postmen From Dogs

Dogs have been attacking postmen ever since there have been postmen.  Now, postal authorities* in Germany have found an effective way to reduce* these attacks.
They hired* animal psychiatrists – not to work with the dogs, but to train* the postmen.  Attacks were reduced by 80% in Munich, where the program was first tested.
In the program, postmen are trained to read an animals body language.  In addition*, they now carry with them both pepper spray and dog biscuits.  If they read the animals body language correctly, they know which of these to use.
“This is an excellent result,*” said Deutsche Post spokeswoman Eva Kirchesch.  “We’re very happy that fewer postmen – and fewer dogs – are being hurt.*”
authorities – úřady
reduce – snížit
hire – najmout si
train – zaškolit
in addition – navíc
result – výsledek
be hurt – být zraněn
Question for discussion:
Have you ever been bitten by a dog?


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